Allegro is a premier high-end rental service boutique,

specializing in Violin, Viola, and Cello.


     We provide the best quality instruments with expert set-up for the most discerning, serious students in the NYC area.  We understand how a great-sounding, easy-to-tune, perfectly set-up instrument can make a real difference in your child’s progress towards reaching their full potential, and will work individually with you and your child to ensure the optimum result is achieved continuously.

     From the initial consultation to custom-tailored at-home fitting appointment to routine check-ups by the expert luthier, you will know you’re getting the best!

Allegro Mission Statement

To provide great sounding, well set-up, easy-to-play instruments to help students achieve their full musical potential, to enrich their lives through musical expression and connection with others.


Community Outreach

We believe music is part of life, and that EVERYONE - especially those in the underprivileged, under-served communities - should benefit from the wonderful therapeutic effects of harmonious music, whether it be from listening to community concerts or by participating in amateur music ensemble for their own artistic/personal development and enjoyment.  Allegro provides Pro Bono services to local non-profit groups and organizations that offer such programs in the community.

Education Advocacy 

We believe in the power of lifelong education, and in addition to maintaining a close relationship with numerous educational entities in the New York City area to better serve the students, parents, educators, and the community, we also provide hands-on community workshops on how to select instruments and accessories that best fit individual player's physique and abilities, and proper care of the instruments for optimal performance, health/longevity of both the instrument and students' playing career.


Our commitment to make positive social impacts also extends to the impact we leave on our environment.  As luthiers, we already are attuned to the concept of recycle/repair/reuse.  In our office and our workshop, we strive to minimize paperwork (which also means less paperwork for our customers!), educate our customers in proper care in order to keep the parts in pristine condition for as long as they can, recycle resources including instrument parts and accessories to minimize waste, and educate ourselves on the current news regarding the natural resources for our parts, electing to use alternate resources whenever possible.