Expert Quality for the Discerning Students


         Allegro boasts the best sounding, expertly set-up instruments available on the market for monthly rental.   Our goal is to provide each customer with the best possible personalized customer service, from selection of the instrument with individual measurements and fittings, to proper maintenance and tonal adjustments. 

1.  Initial Consultation is completely free, and happens over the phone or e-mail.  After getting information on the musician's physique, skill level, budget, and other individual concerns, we will prepare recommendations on the size of the instrument/set-up variations/fittings to meet the individual needs of the player.  

2.  Fitting Appointment is very hands-on and will typically last 30 minutes, where the instrument will be properly and expertly fitted to the player's individual physique and playing.  Our luthier may adjust the fittings and/or the set up to achieve the best sounding/most comfortable results.

3.  Check-ups are free maintenance visit services by qualified Allegro luthiers, available twice a year to check up on the best fit, address any physical concerns, and ensure the optimal performance of the instrument.  


*Rent-to-own credit program available